Our Work

  1. Who We Are

Devcash is digital financial services business line of HiPipo (U) Limited. DevCash provides digital financial services primarily accessible through mobile. Our driving force is the availability of limitless opportunities around integration of mobile with finance to offer solutions for Africa’s fast emerging and growing income earners.

DevCash Vision: To be the African leader in integration of mobile, digital and finance solutions to empower Africa’s present and future generations.

DevCash Mission: To deliver world-class finance and technology driven solutions to Africa

DevCash Offer: Digital Financial services for Education, Health, Agriculture, and Utilities

About HiPipo

HiPipo (U) Limited, is a diversified company with operations and business lines covering digital, finance, content (music), events and sports. Our business lines and services include: digital financial services division (DevCash), digital marketing agency (AdBank), digital media house (HiPipo.com).

We execute research and leading events for digital and financial inclusion namely “Digital Impact Awards Africa”. We have developed ITU award winning social ventures digital products for health and education. We operate digital content distribution for CRBT and we are also the owners of HiPipo Music Awards.