Digital Financial Services (Prime-Mobile)

  1. Merchant and Utility Payments
  2. Telecom/bank integration and aggregation services

The mobile phone revolutionizes the economics of financial services and payments to reach, capture and serve consumers. Most mobile financial service solutions rely either on a mobile operator or internet technologies.  We work on mobile solutions used by retail, issuing and acquiring banks and financial services companies.

Mobile Money Apps

Custom mobile applications boost the functions and performances of the smartphone. We develop customer-centric mobile money integrated applications. We develop Internet and Mobile banking solutions through which customers are able carry out transactions on their mobile phones.

Payment Integration and Aggregation Solutions

We work on Merchant and Utility Payments aggregation services. Merchants who wish to transact on the mobile wallet platforms to offer their goods and services are aggregated through our platform.


Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA)

Maximizing the Digital Dividend with Digital Innovations for Financial Inclusion

Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) is a research and awards project with the theme “Maximizing the Digital Dividend with Digital Innovations for Financial Inclusion.” DIAA supports Financial Inclusion stakeholders with insightful market research covering Digital Financial Services deployment/delivery, use, and barriers to adoptions. DIAA further encourages financial institutions to “take advantage of new technologies to increase access to financial services, while at the same time protecting consumers.”  Mobile-Prime Research for Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA)  cover impact and reach of Innovations/Services for; Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Digital Payments/Transfers, Digital Savings, Digital Credit/Loans and Digital Insurance products provided by banks, telecom operators and insurance companies. The first three years of the research will focus on Uganda as the pilot. Following the experiences learnt from Uganda, the research will scale to other sub Saharan Africa countries such as Kenya and Nigeria

The Research Scope Summary

  1. Phase One:Landscape and Future of Digital Financial Services Deployment: Focus on Financial Services Providers
  2. Phase Two: Sustainability of Agent Networks Model: Understanding the Barriers
  3. Phase Three: End Consumers Pain Points and underserved needs.