Digital Media our digital media house is Uganda’s leading online social entertainment services provider. makes discovery and consumption of the latest and the best entertainment just a click away for any Ugandan using the Internet both on desktop and mobile platforms such as phones and tablets through

For the past 5 years, many of Uganda’s most popular musicians have been highly promoted and known by millions of people around Uganda and the world at large through On the other hand many entertainment consumers have been able to discover new music and the best music online through the weekly HiPipo Charts. Through HiPipo Charts, the best music videos in Uganda every week have been critically managed and ranked based on interactivity. The most popular and new-upcoming artists are given the same opportunities to top charts every week. In addition, through the year, empowers on a daily basis, fans to watch, share, comment and like music audios, videos, news articles on a variety of Ugandan music genres while also giving fans exclusive opportunities to access, engage with, and ultimately influence the future of Ugandan music through open comments and polls anytime.

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This is HiPipo digital media arm the focuses on Business and Technology