Social Ventures



AfroExaminer sets out to deliver a solution that will improve examinations preparation for the youth especially for those that do not afford 100 US dollars to purchase 10 books or those that have limited access to bookshops due to their stay in rural settings. With AfroExaminer, students in Uganda, Kenya and other African countries where the project is being piloted shall be able to access all previous years’ public examinations questions on both desktop platforms and mobile platforms.  Schools shall be able to use AfroExaminer by entering students to do regular mock exams on the platform.  In addition AfroExaminer will offer communication tools for student progression in term exams, for general schools announcement and communicating individual student issues such as fees payment.



My eHealth and mHealth Doctor (MyEMDoctor) is a project that takes a consumer centric approach to health, by offering a digital community that enables doctor to patient interaction together with patient to patient sharing. The same digital community serves researchers and government through reliable remote data gathering and aggregate research data purchase.

With MyEMDoctor, Sub Saharan African people can find reputable health centers, hospitals, clinicians and friends with common afflictions. The digital community helps Sub Saharan African people who are looking to make an educated health care decision. MyEMDoctor project deploys FREE, FEE and Public Private Partnership (PPP) business models to deliver eHealth and mHealth benefits to the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP).